Complaints / Returns

Delivery time

Orders with less than 400 picnic boxes will be transferred to DPD within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Sample boxes are shipped via PostNL within 3 working days. If your order contains more than 400 picnic boxes, it will be offered once via special transport on a pallet within 5 working days via Dachser.

Please contact us if you need an urgent delivery.

Complaints / Returns

  1. Upon or immediately after delivery, the customer must investigate whether the delivered goods or the services provided comply with the agreement.
  2. The customer cannot rely on goods delivered or services provided that do not comply with the agreement, if he fails to do this investigation or if Picnicbox has not notified the defects in writing within the term stated below.
  3. Visible defects must be reported to Picnicbox in writing within five working days after delivery or after the relevant services have been performed.
  4. Hidden defects must be reported in writing immediately after the customer has discovered them, but no later than two months after delivery of the goods or the provision of a service.
  5. Complained items may only be returned to Picnicbox with the express prior consent of Picnicbox. Return shipments must be provided with the original packaging. Return shipment must in all cases be made in accordance with Picnicbox’s instructions. Picnicbox reserves the right to require that the said items be sent to an address specified by it.
  6. In the event of complaints that are justified and duly submitted in the opinion of Picnicbox, Picnicbox is obliged, at its discretion, taking into account the interests of the customer and the nature of the complaint, either to replace/exchange the goods delivered or services rendered. or granting a price discount.
  7. The right of complaint lapses if the delivered item is no longer in the same condition as it was delivered.
  8. Complaints about invoices must be submitted in writing within five working days of the date of dispatch of the invoice.

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