Breakfast take away box


Our Cardboard Breakfast Box with Handle is a perfect alternative to the Lunch Box. This cardboard carrying box is the ideal catering box for a snack bar, hotel, event or restaurant.

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All about the box

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Our cardboard breakfast box with handle is a perfect alternative to the Lunch box. This breakfast box made of FSC cardboard is the ideal catering box for a snack bar, hotel, event or restaurant. Need an extra large size (Picnic box)?

We deliver the cardboard breakfast box from 40 copies in compact bundles of 20. The Breakfast box is unprinted as standard, you can also choose to have the box fully printed (from 1,000 copies) or to personalize it yourself with a stamp or sticker.


What makes this cardboard breakfast box unique?

  • It is made of extra sturdy cardboard.
  • Equipped with cutlery recesses.
  • The quick lock bottom can be assembled in an instant.
  • Nice to personalize (by means of stamp, sticker or print from 1,000 copies)

FSC cardboard

Picnic box made of sustainable FSC cardboard & Dutch production.

Smart design

Can be quickly folded together with the quick-lock bottom.


Personalize with our sticker

Fast delivery

Pick up in our warehouse or shipped the same day with PostNL.


Extra thick and sturdy cardboard with large handles.


Not quite sure if it fits? Order a sample box!


Additional information


Thick FSC cardboard for extra strength


Inner size (length x width x height): 225 x 135 x 149mm


Per 20 copies (available from 40)


Orders under 400 picnic boxes are usually offered via PostNL within 4 working days. We ship more than 400 picnic boxes per pallet by appointment.

Endless possibilities

From a luxury catering box for company drinks to a delicious breakfast in bed in a cardboard breakfast box.

Be inspired by examples.

Make the Breakfast take away box complete

You are free to fill in the picnic box to your own taste. We deliver it as standard without disposables.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if it just doesn’t quite fit? Order your sample picnic box with all disposables here.