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With this budget variant of the picnic box large, the cardboard meal delivery box is available for every caterer. This printed picnic box functions as a unique picnic blanket and takes up less space in your storage space when unfolded!

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All about the box

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With this budget variant of the picnic box large, the cardboard meal delivery box is available for every catering. The budget variant is cheaper than the luxury picnic box and it takes up less space (unfolded). Super handy if you have little storage space in your warehouse! The budget take away box is stackable, which also makes it suitable for large events where preparation is required. Curious about the luxury Picnic Box Large variant, also available asLunch Box and Breakfast Box?

We deliver the boxes from 25 copies. Need more than stock or in your own format/printing (from 2,000 copies)? No problem, we’ll just make it! Contact us.


What makes this budget variant special?

  • Plenty of space for containers, a bottle of wine or juice
  • Real eye-catcher due to the standard printing on the inside
  • Room for a personal handwritten message
  • When unfolded, the take away box serves as a picnic blanket / table
  • Provide the picnic box with a stamp or sticker of your logo
  • 100% recyclable FSC cardboard

Everything about the budget take away box

Our budget catering box has been specially developed for events and restaurants. With its dimensions of 260 x 330 x 170 mm, the take away box offers space for an extensive lunch or a good dinner. And of course there is still room for a bottle of wine or juice.

Ideal for delivery and collection, but also very suitable for use at events. The box is made of FSC cardboard and 100% recyclable.

Sturdy and stackable

The budget take away box is made of sturdy cardboard and can therefore take a beating. The handy handle makes it easy to transport by your take away customers. But the budget catering box is not only useful for your customers. The boxes are also stackable. That makes the box very suitable for events or large orders that need to be prepared. So you can easily prepare and serve a whole load of boxes of delicious food.

Stapelbare budget picknickdoos

Ultra flat: ideal for storage

You assemble the budget take way box completely yourself. Yes, that takes more time than the luxury picnic box, but it also has advantages. Because the box is not glued, it is a lot cheaper and takes up less space. It is delivered completely flat and is therefore easy to store or transport (for example to another location). Do you have a small storage space or do you need a lot of boxes? Then our budget take away box is perfect for you!


Budget can also be beautiful. The box is printed as a picnic blanket on the inside. There is also room to leave a personal message for your guests. That makes it an extra experience for your customers to unpack the box and enjoy the tasty contents. Just like the luxury picnic boxes, you can easily personalize the box further with a sticker or stamp.

Special wishes?

We are happy to take that into account. We can have the box printed for you from 1,000 copies, for example in the house style of your restaurant or event. This makes the take away box even more of an eye catcher!

Do you need a different size for the big eaters or for a smaller bite (from 2,000 copies)? No problem, we’ll just make it! Contact us to discuss the options or to request a quote directly.

Would you like a more luxurious take away box with a cup holder and space for cutlery to offer your customers the ultimate picnic experience? Then take a look at ourluxury picnic boxes, lunch boxes or breakfast boxes.


Additional information


FSC cardboard


Inner dimensions (length x width x height): 260 x 330 x 170mm


We pack the budget picnic boxes per 25 copies. There are 350 picnic boxes on a mini pallet


Orders under 300 picnic boxes are usually offered via DPD within 4 working days. We ship more than 350 picnic boxes per pallet by appointment.

Endless possibilities

From a luxury catering box for company drinks to a delicious breakfast in bed in a cardboard breakfast box.

Be inspired by examples.

Make the Budget take away box complete

You are free to fill in the picnic box to your own taste. We deliver it as standard without disposables.